domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010

Soy un Horror, jajajaja

- Adore Faris Rotter, Spider Webb, Joshua Third, Coffin Joe and Tomethy Furse.
- Have accumulated an admirable collection of spotted blouses.
- You dig anything with ruffly and/or frilly collars.
- BIG HAIR IS A MUST. Preferably coiffed.
- Are not an emo, but wear black often.
- You walk to The Horrors music in your mind, even when you don't actually have the music going.
- You always write with a ravenous pen.
- You live in a black and white world, but your mind thinks in colour.
- You have particularly thinthinthin legs, or desire to have.
- If you are a girl, you also totally dig the fashion sense of The She Set.
- You cut your own hair, because no hairdresser knows how to perfect your coiffed horror-esque do, like you do.
- You have studied Coffin Joe's dancing video, and hold it in high respect as one of the coolest things you have ever seen.
- You scour op-shops and thrift stores for what seems like hours in the hope that you'll find a pair of shiny black pointy toed lace-up shoes that fit you perfectly.
- Dumbheads call you emo, but you proudly say back to them, "No, I'm a Horror..."
- You sleep upside down like a bat.
- The only pants you ever wear are straightleg jeans.
- You want/have a belt buckle like Coffin Joe's square diamante one.
- You think your black and white cat looks like a Horror. ESTA ES TOTALMENTE JAJAJAJA
- You would be described as "alabaster" or "ivory".
- You actually can't see, for your fringe is stabbing your eyes. ME GUSTARIA, PERO BUE....

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