viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

TRES SEMANAS QUE DEFINEN TODO!! un poco de sacrificio ahora o arrepentimientos para siempre

only 3 weeks dear, and you’re done!!!!!!!!!

come on Blair, leave the tumblr and stuff for those weeks and you’ll be forever satisfied with your results.

will be the hardest days ever, pure work,pure books, pencils, drawings, and maybe I should move to University for these days (I’d do it if I could …!) but 3 weeks! are soo short!!

and once you’re done with it, like….no more maths, no more history, no more stupid building drawings, you’ll be ready to start the steps for FASHION DESIGN, you’ll be done the real reason why you came here.

You’ll be so proud of yourself, I promise!

If you work hard, you’ll make it right, if you don’t you’ll regret it forever, like, three weeks for a bad/good next step to your life…

come on you can do it you can do it!!!!!!!!

(I need support) :)

soo, bye bye for a while!

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